Human Bard


Seria was born into a large merchant family, one of 8 daughters. All she remembers of her birth family is her father’s angry glares and yelling. Before she was six, her father sold her and two of her sisters to a traveling group of entertainers. She grew up learning to sing and perform. She also grew up learning a darker side of her troupe. Other forms of entertainment were offered in the towns they traveled to as well as a spike in burglary. At sixteen, the troupe wandered into a strange town, Tribulation. As the night grew long she took a member of the townsfolk back to her room. He attacked her, calling her an abomination, a harlot, a whore. As he strangled her, she managed to get her dagger and stabbed him in the gut. She grabbed only a few of her things as she dashed out to get her sisters. She arrived in the main hall of the tavern in time to see them eviscerated. As the religious fanatic townsfolk closed in on her, a traveler who had been in the tavern that night intervened. He stabbed two with his rapier before grabbing Seria and leading her into the night.

When they stopped to rest, he introduced himself. Eldonis Calais, a half-elven skald/herald in service to Duke Einhold. He had been returning home from a mission and stopped in town for the night. When he’d heard Seria singing earlier that night he’d recognized the magic in her voice. He knew she could be a bard, but also knew that the troupe would never let a “prize” like her go without a fight. He had been waiting for night to offer her the chance to become his apprentice. She happily accepted, that night she offered him the only thing she felt she had to pay with, herself. Eldonis politely declined, telling her that no payment was necessary and that her body was much too precious to be offered so freely.

She followed Eldonis everywhere, learning the ways of a bard and the ways of a diplomat, the ways of a warrior. He showed her courts, taverns, forest hideouts, mountain caverns. He gave her his wisdom in riddles, his shoulder when she hurt, and her own bed in his home (when they were there) that only she could determine who entered. Most of all he taught her to love herself and she was worthy of the love of others. Now he has sent her out to find her place in the world, knowing she will always have a bed in their home. He had a rapier made for her and then gave her his name as daughter. Now she is making her way in the world, proving herself, until she believes she will return to her father’s side and serve the Duke as he does.


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