Tiefling Bard


Delight was originally named Damilius by Sombor the Deep, the wizard who created him. Sombor had hoped for a more impressive creature, but, though subtly fearsome-looking, Damilius always had more of an affinity for the arts and social pursuits. Disappointed, Sombor mostly ignored him, leaving him to find entertainment where he could.

Living in the arcane university town of Archilius made this both easier and more difficult. He wasn’t the strangest creature in town—wasn’t the strangest Tiefling, even—but beyond a dour tavern or two, there wasn’t much in the way of entertainment to be had. As such, Damilius spent much of his time reading the legends and histories in Archilius University’s vast library.

His favourites were the tales of Roland of Songs, the hero minstrel. Roland was said to travel the lands with nought but his instrument, healing the sick and turning the tides of battles with his music. Many times his enemies would try to defeat him by stealing or sundering his instrument, but each time he would find another—never of the same type, though its sound was as sweet and pure as the one before. It was said that Roland travelled in search of his truest love, saying, “I know not my love’s face nor where my love may be, but when I find my love, we will know each other as surely as the bird knows its song.”

After thirty long, dull years confined to Archilius, Damilius thought he had found his love. And Aelyss, protégé of the head wizard, Orion the Cunning, seemed to love him in return.

For a year they met in secret, sharing songs and stories and joy in each other’s arms. Damilius longed to let their love be known—Roland, after all, never hid his varied paramours while seeking his truest love—but Aelyss begged him to keep silent. It would ruin her reputation and her standing at the university if her dalliance with a Tiefling were discovered. But one day she would take her master’s place as head of the university and then, she vowed, their love would be a secret no more.

It happened in Autumn, while Orion was away as adviser to a local ruler. Aelyss had Damilius meet her in her master’s chambers. It thrilled her to tresspass in such a way, and knowing the head wizard would be gone several days yet, Damilius happily obliged. But Orion’s journey was cut short. He returned that night and found them tangled together in the sheets of his own bed.

Orion cried out at Aelyss’s betrayal, for he harboured a jealous love for her. She protested that Damilius had tricked her, leading her to believe he was interested in some histories in her master’s possession then taking her the moment they were alone. When Sombor was asked to defend Damilius, he said only, “He is a fiend. What more do you expect?”

Heartbroken and friendless, Damilius fled. He fell in with a group a troubadours who found his relative innocence amusing. One taught him the pan pipes, saying with a laugh that it was a fitting instrument for a devil, and another gave him lessons in tumbling—both for an audience and in the bedroll. He also learned the dulcimer, the lyre, and the drum, and toured with the group. He changed his name to Delight, for it was his wish to spread such joy to all he met, much like Roland of Songs.

Eventually, through lovers’ quarrels and a refusal to hide his true feelings on any subject—he had hid them for Aelyss, and what had that gotten him?—Delight fell out with the troubadours and struck out on his own. He played for his supper on the road and earned gold playing in taverns, and if his Tiefling heritage made others distrustful, he soon won them over with his charm and ability. If he was ever driven away, it was for his exuberant love and the jealousies stirred up by his affairs.

So it was that Delight was playing the pipes in a tavern when the Dragonborn Sora, eager to celebrate becoming a Paladin, heard his music and danced to it the whole night through. They struck up a friendship and struck out for adventure.


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