Titan's Awakening

First Mission
Goblinbifida and a talking gem

Sora was sent on a mission by the order of Paladine to assist the town of Bardford with some manner of “goblin problem”. After speaking with the mayor they discovered that the goblins in the nearby forest had sent a declaration of war to the town. The goblins had sent a few raids in recent days, burning crops and slaughtering cattle.

The party met a halfling woman named Lilly, a former adventurer and cleric of Paladine. She said that the goblins weren’t normally so hostile, usually sticking to cowardly tactics and keeping to themselves, only attacking to steal food when necessary. Lilly was a friend of the goblins, in fact. She agreed to come along as a mediator, but refused to engage in combat.

Before entering the forest the party came upon an unarmed goblin running wildly away from a trio of others, all dashing after him with weapons brandished. Upon seeing the group the goblin immediately ran to Lilly and hid behind her. The party made quick work of the goblin attackers then turned to get information from Lilly and the goblin, Brek.

Brek spoke of their leader being killed recently and a new goblin, Shark, taking control of the tribe. Shark had apparently come back with some manner of magical item that granted him power, and had driven him a little mad.

The PCs let Lilly take Brek to a safe place, her home on the outskirts of town, then they headed into the forest to find the goblin’s home. Outside a pair of guards stood. The party approached diplomatically, however the two goblins didn’t speak common. They regarded the party for a moment, then one reached back and rung a bell. After a second Weezard emerged.

A quick conversation with the self-proclaimed powerful Weezard led the party into the goblin cave without the need for combat. Weezard brought them to the throne room wherein Shark sat atop a filthy stone throne. Weezard, making up his own story, claimed the party were there to discuss their surrender. A quick conversation convinced Shark that Weezard was working against him and dragged the robed goblin off to be ‘dealt with’.

Shark fought with the party, using his self-proclaimed armor of invincibility (normal breastplate) and boots of sturdiness (just really heavy boots). He wielded a longsword he’d called the “Deathkiller”, a normal looking longsword with a magical black gem embedded in the blade. He wielded the weapon awkardly, unable to actually land a blow on any of the group. However with each swing the sword drained the life force of the goblin. After a short battle, Seria landed a killing blow, finding a gap in Shark’s armor.

After pulling her rapier out Shark’s body started to dry and wilt like a dying plant. His hand snapped off where he held the sword and his body stood silently, a husk where one was a mad goblin. The remaining goblins paused in shock at their leader’s demise. The moment the party started to talk the goblins broke out in a panic and fled the cave, leaving only Weezard behind.

The party regarded the sword, unsure of what to do with it. They hesitated, not wanting to touch the weapon, fearing it would do to them what it did to Shark. After a time of arguing the sword started to talk. Its name was Gig, an ancient being that came to the planet long ago to harvest souls. He asked the party to take him out of the cave. Becks quickly picked Gig up, barely dodging past her companions’ attempt to hold her back. The sword did nothing to her, aside from talk a lot, revealing some information and willfully withholding others.

The party returned to town, Weezard and Gig in tow. They first went to Lilly’s to tell her the good news. She promised the party she would try to work with the goblins to establish some new leadership if possible. Sora and Seria headed to the mayor to report on their success while Delight and Becks stayed behind with Weezard.

Delight managed to wash Weezard, who had never had a bath before (and he did not like it). They obtained some clothing for him from Lilly but Becks wanted to find something a bit nicer for him. Delight and Weezard lagged behind, however his disguise wasn’t good enough to stop everyone from seeing him. The moment one person noticed a scene broke out which called the attention of the guards. Delight tried to talk his way out of the situation but failed.

Before anything unpleasant happened Becks managed to convince a guard that it wasn’t a goblin, but was in fact her brother. The resemblance wasn’t there so she managed to convince the guard that her brother had a condition called “goblinbifida”. She also produced her patents of nobility to ensure the guards wouldn’t question her. Crisis averted Becks and Delight bought Weezard some better clothing then headed back to Lilly’s to wait for the others.

While waiting to see the mayor Sora and Seria saw a herald of Highland leaving the office. They questioned the mayor, finding that the king of Highland had recently died and his sons were now on a ‘peace tour’. They would arrive in five days, and he had to get the town ready for a welcoming celebration. Sora offered their services as entertainers.

As for the goblins they asked the mayor to consider establishing a mutual agreement with them, and removing the bounty on their ears. He agreed to rethink his stance and would consider a way to establish peace.

The party, now back together, head out of town to return to the capital of Ansem to report on their mission to the order of Paladine…


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