Goblin Wizard?


Weezard is a short, lanky goblin, with big beady eyes. He was found initially wearing a conical hat and a human sized bathrobe.


Like most goblins Weezard was just another goblin trying to make it from day to day. When the goblin lord Jakar sent him and some others on a mission to find food the group came upon an abandoned cart in the forest. The goblins raided the cart, each trying to claim its contents which caused them to break out into fighting. The goblins began killing one another while Weezard snuck to the cart and pulled out a fancy stick. When the dust settled it was Weezard and a larger solder who approached with violent intent. Weezard gestured with the fancy stick and, with a loud VOIP, a beam of energy shot out and blasted the other goblin away.

Now aware of his magical power Weezard claimed his rewards. A long robe and a magical hat became his new attire. Among the goods Weezard found a book of magical words. He read a little, having a basic knowledge of common, and realized he’d come upon a spellbook. To obtain the magics within Weezard began to eat the pages one by one.

He became Jakar’s right hand man and served him as an advisor until the day Shark came and claimed leadership. Weezard turned sides quickly and became an advisor to Shark instead. With Shark’s claims of invincibility and powerful artifacts, coupled with Weezard’s magical power the two decided it was time to claim land of their own and to grow their own goblin empire.

When Sora, Delight, Seria, and Becks attacked and killed Shark Weezard found himself alone and unsure of his future. To his luck Delight had taken a shine to him and claimed him as his own.


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